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Coverages that every New Jersey business must have.

Coverages that every New Jersey business must have.

Recent studies have shown that many New Jersey businesses don't have the proper coverages to be completely safe and have adequate protection. Here at Karabulut and Co Insurance Agency, we can evaluate your risk and provide you with a complete package to insure your business.

Some of the protections that New Jersey businesses need include:

  1. Commercial Auto insurance -  if your company uses vehicles, you need to have a complete commercial vehicle insurance policy to cover your cars and drivers.
  2. Liability insurance – this has many options under it including errors & omissions, general liability and professional liability.
  3. Workers Comp – likely you are required to have workers compensation insurance if you have employees.
  4. Property – if you own or lease any business property, you need to have it properly covered.

Contact Karabulut and Co Insurance Agency if you need a comprehensive evaluation of your business insurance needs.

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