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Understanding your New Jersey Insurance Policy

Understanding your New Jersey Insurance Policy

Most New Jersey insurance policies have similar sections and understanding your policy will help ensure you have the right coverage in place in case of a claim or loss to your family or business.

Usually the first part of any insurance policy is the Declaration Page.  This part outlines the insured on the policy with the dates of coverage, what is included in coverage and the other key information about the policy.

The Limits of Liability part gives the information on the coverage limits which would be paid in case of a loss.  The Conditions area would explain the responsibilities of the insured and the Exclusions area would explain what will not be covered.

Endorsements sections , in some policies, would include the provisions in the policy.  It’s important to understand these changes that may affect your coverage needs.  Definitions are helpful to be familiar with to understand the different terms in your policy.

At Karabulut and Co Insurance Agency LLC, we can answer any other questions you may have about understanding your New Jersey insurance policy.


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